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Friday, 12 December 2008

Following are ID numbers from Hartman karts and a guess on the date of the kart based on the ID. The ID is stamped into the top of the steering hoop.


ID # / Current owner of the kart:


1056   Brian Shoemaker         ('74  Sprint)

1080   Kent Windham         ('74  Sprint)

1089   Jerry VanDuesen          ('74  Sprint)

1111   Kelly West               ('74  Sprint) 

1128   Kelly West(Bob Kindoll)  ('74  Sprint)

1137   Michael Edick            ('74  Sprint)

1161   Ken Head         ('74  Sprint)

2059   Mark Green               ('75  Sprint) - Owned since new.

2118   Kelly West(Bob Kindoll)  ('76  Sprint)

2155   Steve Civils             ('76  Sprint)

2157   Jerry VanDuesen          ('76  Sprint)

2160   Kelly West               ('76  Sprint)

2182   Pat Hammond              ('77  Sprint)  - Bought new in '77

2281   Kelly West               ('77  Sprint)

2283   eBay                     ('77  Sprint)

2286   Jack Gesler              ('77  Sprint)

2306   Phil Rockwell            ('77  Sprint)

2324   Jeff May                 ('77?  Sprint)

2326   Kelly West               ('77?  Sprint)

2338   Michael Edick            ('77?  Sprint)

2359   Walt Stearly             ('77?  Sprint)

2432   Terry Schmitz            ('78?  Sprint)

2467   Cliff Nutcher            ('78?  Sprint)

2496   Jack Lehmann             ('78?  Sprint)

2504   Steve Thiel              ('78?  Sprint)

2532   IIya Leontovich          ('78?  Sprint)  

2556   Michael Edick            ('78-'79? Sprint ) 



Rumor(fact) - First two letters are person that made the kart

and the second two numbers are the year it was made. 


KH77   Kelly West(Ken Head) (Enduro)

SD78   Dan Flanders             (Enduro)

SD78   Jim Guss                 (Enduro)

SD78   Randy Gryczkowski        (Enduro) 

SD79   Jeff May                 (Enduro)

SD79   Todd Giles               (Enduro - RH) 

SD80   Jeff Golberg             (Enduro)

SD80   Randy Gryczkowski        (Single right-hand Enduro) 

SD81   Randy Gryczkowski        (Single right-hand Enduro) 

SD82   Randy Gryczkowski        (Single left-hand Enduro)

SD82   John Bratton             (Enduro)  

SD82   Steve O'Hara             (Single left-hand Enduro)  

SD83   John Bratton             (Enduro)  

SD83   Randy Gryczkowski        (Dual Enduro)   


TV numbers made to run in a TV series


TV14   Randy Gryczkowski        (Sprint)

TV17   Michael Edick            (Sprint)

TV25   Nick Badame              (Sprint)


Part #'s:


BS126    steering hoop cap

BS127    steering arm

BS128    end cap, used for front bumper, nerf bar 

         ends and seat strut end

BS129    seat strut cap, bottom

BS130    seat strut cap, top

BS131L   rear bearing carrier, LH

BS132R   rear bearing carrier, RH


If you have a Hartman it would be great if would send me the ID and owner's name so we can add it to the list. Send to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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