Vintage Resources - Parts and Accessories
Vintage kart parts and accessories. Original and/or reproduction.
Company Name Contact Name Phone Fax
Black Dog Vintage Racing Brian Thomas 763-784-9095
Tolomatic, Inc. Airheart Brakes (763)478-8000 (763)478-8080
Mike Montgomery Mike Montgomery 940-300-4688
GEM 630-653-1800
E.C. Distributing 615-446-6807
Comet Kart Sales 317.462.3413 317.462.2740
Certified Parts Corporation 800-356-0777
Azusa Engineering 626-967-4167
American Power Sports (440) 564-8100
Vintage Racing Karts of America Jack Murray 619-249-6100
Greg Gouveia 805 541 4310
ASW R&D Machining Scott Wigginton 408 748 6949
Tom Smith Tom Smith
Tom Thorin Tom Thorin 818 888 7753
Frank Payne Frank Payne 402 393 5252
Kart Art Jerry Imboden 650 583 2683
Tom Medley
Grant Kessler
Shoemaker Motorsports Gary Emilio 603 772 3148
Classic Kart Shop Vince Hughes (760) 721-6400

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